How was it start?

I took my first step in cognition with the 8th grade ETA Software (MS-DOS environment) programming course. Later, I had the opportunity to experience many tasks in the field of information technologies. In this section of the site, I share some of the informatics and technology topics I have been interested in so far.

I am currently working as Information Systems Manager at Semak Makina.

SAP HYBRIS & C4Hana Projects

At the beginning of 2018, we project the most comprehensive project in project design for the first time in Turkey, I worked in scope and managerial part.

  • Hybris Sales Cloud
  • Hybris Services Cloud
  • Hybris Marketing Cloud
  • Hybris E-Commerce (On Prime)

SAP ABAP Software

In 2011, I joined the projects with SAP. I worked for Abap as a software consultant for 2 years. I am currently following abap projects in my company.

I am also working on SAP Business Object Dashboard. You can see some of his work soon.

Web HTML5 Software

I've been using HTML5 coding most of the time when developing websites.

Some of the sites I've done before you can access the links below.

Web ASP Software

As a freelancer, I participate in the project work of my friends around me. We are working with Asp-based coding, which is a management panel and managed content.

CSS Web Design

I'm doing design work with CSS for web sites.

Web Php Software

As a freelancer, I take part in the project work of my friends around me. We are working on site with content based on php based management panel.

Wordpress Web Sites

I have been coding and using this content management system solution, which is free open source code for websites, for simple solutions, even if I haven't used it recently.

Joomla Web Sites

Although I don't use this system, which is mostly similar to Wordpress, I use it for simple solutions.

Android Programming

I'm developing some android apps based on Java. I am currently working with the invertor android software system developed by MIT University .

Information Technology

I have been working in the field of information systems since my high school years. I worked in many technology projects until my engineering education. In my professional business life, I worked in the IT departments of companies. In this section; I work as an expert in Network Systems, Computer Equipment, Peripherals and their management.


Bosphorus Crosscontinental Swimming Race
22 Temmuz 2019 - Istanbul

I worked again this year at the intercontinental swimming event which is organized every year.


SAP CX Activities
17 Nisan 2019 - Istanbul

SAP this year for the first time in Turkey that takes the CX activities (we met Cloud Experience) team. Partner with SAP customers using cloud solutions they also offered the possibility of conducting interviews. As Semak Makina, we use C4Hana Sales, C4Hana Service and C4Hana Marketing software. We shared our experience in our project.

Semak Galaxy Project Live
15 Nisan 2019 - Semak Makina

This project is the first ever full suite hana project in Turkey.


Gökhan Baştürk

Work Address

İnönü Mh. Aşık Veysel Sk. No:2 Güzeller Organize Sanayi